20th SocNet98 IUW: "Social Work and Human Rights - Reflecting Profession and Interventions"


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to the  20th SocNet 98 International University Week:
"Social Work and Human Rights - Reflecting Profession and Interventions"

Hochschule Bremen’s School of Social Work hosts one of the 
four 20th SocNet98 IUWs during April 16th – 20th 2018.


The organizing team kindly invites social work students from all European countries as well as university lecturers and practitioners to participate in this international program. We especially call for a participation from universities of the 
SocNet98 network, but also encourage students, researchers, lecturers, and social workers from other backgrounds to be part of this week.

The IUW 2018 in Bremen will focus on the relationship between social work and the human rights. Theory and practice of social work are often connected to concepts and declarations of social work. Many international definitions and theories of social work are regarding the realisation and defence of human rights as their key focus, and many social workers define their professional mandate and ethical task here.

However, in daily social work practice, we need to realise that the human rights are not always met. Many people in our societies and institutions cannot fully realise their rights and needs, they are facing wrongful discrimination and are hindered to realise their rights and dignity. Social work is challenged by such experiences. It needs to reflect its own roles and concepts, find forms to realise advocacy, empowerment and participation, and develop suitable concepts and methods for interventions.

This IUW aims to provide an international forum to discuss the concepts and models of human rights, to present analyses on certain target groups and institutions, as well as on concrete methods and forms of intervention to bring human rights to the centre of practice. It aims to include a full variety of methods and methodologies and invites contributions from all the different participant’s backgrounds.

The IUW 2018 in Bremen will include workshops, field-related excursions as well as social activities and offers a chance to visit Bremen and the North-West of Germany. Currently we calculate to invite about 50 visiting and 50 local students as well as about 15 lecturers.

Program highlights will  include:

A workshop program with lecturers from universities and practical social work

-  Excursions to social work institutions as well as “incursions” from practice organisations

-Time to spend in the City of Bremen, parties, cultural program and good food and drinks

Nice people and enough time to meet each other

We are looking forward to meet you in Bremen.

Prof. Dr. Christian Spatscheck and the local organising team
International Coordinator, School of Social Work, HS Bremen

The IUWs are since 1998 organized within: SocNet98 – European Network of Universities/Schools of Social Work

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