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8. Employment Situations

Stefanie Hüner, M.A. (Hochschule Bremen):

How much Commitment do you give to your Workplace? – Psychological Contracts within in Social Work Employment Situations

Psychological contracts describe the expectations and obligations that are reciprocally perceived between employees and organisations. They reach beyond legal employment contracts, rest upon shared agreements and are not formally defined. Injuries of psychological contracts can cause bullying, burn-out-syndrome or inner cancellation. The current flexibilisation of the labour market and the welfare state has caused changes in the structures of employment situations in social work and the arrangement of psychological contracts. This workshop takes a look on psychological contracts, work conditions, their change and job satisfaction in employment situations in social work. After some basic information, this workshop aims to develop research questions and to go on field visits and to carry out interviews with social workers in and around Bremen about their psychological contracts and their strategies to cope with difficult work conditions.