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9. Helping Multi Problem Families

Wytske Kater (Hanze Hogeschool Groningen):

Approaches to work with Multi Problem Families in The Netherlands

There is a (conservative) movement in Dutch society that supports strongly the personal responsibility of every individual on themes like living in the neighborhood, employability, education of children etc… Dutch citizens (as West-European and American) tend to be free and self-supporting. On the other hand, when people are not able to adapt to society in different ways (like multi problem families) there are tendencies to plan more legal and societal rules and restrictions for people who do not adapt. This happens while in the contrary several studies have proved that ‘changing people in complex situations’ can only be successful with the approach of the social worker who is listening, caring, present and who is in contact with clients in a normative way. In this workshop we will have a vivid discussion of the thoughts, methods and results of helping ‘Multi problem families’ in Europe.