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Excursions 2011

Excursions on Wednesday, 6th April 2011
Amount: About 120 min within the timeframe from 2:00-5:00 p.m.

Groups with about 15 international students, working language is English

  1. Community Development / Community Management (Quartiermanagement Tenever), Joachim Barloschky
  2. Community Farm Huchting (Stadtteilfarm Huchting): Jurgen Rieche und Janna Runkler
  3. St. Petri Child and Youth Welfare (St. Petri Kinder- und Jugendhilfen) Bernd Schmitt und Ellen Gutschmidt
  4. Open Youth Work (DRK Bremen – Jugendreizeitheime Thedinghauser Str.) Bernd Assmann
  5. Integration Project “Pro Work” (pro Arbeit e.V., Bremen) Nesrin Bölükbas
  6. Homeless Care Jakobus House (Verein für Innere Mission, Wohnungslosenhilfe Jakobushaus) Conni Eybe/ Jonas Pot d´Or
  7. Comeback – Contact- and Drug Counselling Center Tivoli (Comeback – Kontakt – und Beratungszentrum Tivoli KBZ) Sam Perkins
  8. Public Youth Services (Jugendamt) and Family Center Mobile (Familienzentrum Mobile) Petra Putzer
Joachim Barloschky

1. Quartiermanagement Tenever

Community Development/Management (Quartiermanagement Tenever) Information and guided walks with Joachim Barloschky (picture) through the quarter of Bremen-Tenever. Our topics are: Community Work living in a intercultural community with 90 nationalities living in poverty (divided societies and cities) socio-spatial strategies and new forms of citizen’s participation grass root democracy. More informations about Tenever and Joachim Barloshky …

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stadtteilfarm huchting

2. Stadtteilfarm Huchting

Stadtteilfarm Huchting (Jürgen Rieche) We would like to welcome you to the Stadtteilfarm in Huchting, a district in the south of Bremen. We are a project of open youth work and we would like to bring urban kids in contact with animals and a rural life. Thus we want to encourage them to take responsibilities. …

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3. St. Petri Kinder- und Jugendhilfen

St. Petri Kinder- und Jugendhilfen Bernd Schmitt und Ellen Gutschmidt Welcome to St. Petri Kinder- und Jugendhilfen. We offer residential and non-residential assistance in raising children. During the excursion you will also have the opportunity to get a good impression of our work, workshop and our compound.

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4. DRK Bremen – youth centre

DRK (German Red Cross) Bremen We are the German Red Cross (DRK) in Bremen and we are looking forward to welcome you in our youth centre. Our location in Findorff, in the centre of Bremen, is also used as a kind of community centre. The other youth centre lies in Neustadt, where also the University …

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5. Pro Arbeit e.V.

Pro Arbeit e.V. Bremen (Judy Kohlstädt) We are happy to have the opportunity to introduce our projects to interested students. Basically we help longterm unemployed and disadvantaged peaple to reintegrate into regular working life. Pro Arbeit invites you to get to know our projects in Gröpelingen, a district in the west of Bremen. For example …

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6. Innere Mission – Wohnungslosenhilfe

Verein für Innere Mission, Wohnungslosenhilfe Jakobushaus (Conni Eybe/ Jonas Pot d´Or) Jonas Pot d’Or and Conni Eybe welcome you to to Jakobustreff. We ar a meeting point for homeless men and women who can use our cafeteria, internet, shower, washingmachine and dryer, etc., while staying in our place. We also offer councelling and cheap meals. …

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7. Comeback Beratungszentrum (KBZ)

Comeback – Kontakt – und Beratungszentrum Tivoli, KBZ (Sam Perkins) Welcome to our low threshould institution for drug addicted people. We are a contact point and drop-in centre that offers accompanying help and medical care. We are always open for any questions connected to addiction and related problems. Rembertiring 2 D-28195 Bremen http://www.comebackgmbh.de/

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8. Familienzentrum MOBILE

Familienzentrum Mobile (Petra Putzer) We are looking forward to welcome in our family centre in april. Familienzentrum Mobile is open to all mothers, fathers and children in Hemelingen, a district in the east of Bremen. We offer support in questions of education, relationships and perspectives of life. Familienzentrum Mobile is: a house and playground with …

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