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International seminar

International seminar: Quality of life and well-being from a social sciences perspective

Hochschule Bremen, Faculty of Social Sciences

March 2nd–5th 2015 (9:45-17:15),
and seven Thursdays: 19 and 26 March, 16, 23 and 30 April, 7 and 28 May (14-17:15)

(6 ECTS)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Christian Spatscheck, Professor for Theories and Methods of Social Work

Summer semester 2015



This course follows two basic aims: To improve and reflect knowledge and understanding about the leading theories about quality of life and wellbeing that have been formulated within different contexts and approaches of the social sciences and to offer an open forum to improve abilities to communicate in English. Based on leading textbooks and articles about academic approaches to conceptualise and measure quality of life and well-being from sociology, social work, psychology, health studies and additional literature. This seminar will cover the different theory traditions of academic reflection on quality of life and well-being from the perspective of international approaches and debates. The seminar is designed to give systematic overviews on different theories and to compare the approaches. Students will be invited to work in small groups and to read, discuss and create presentations about the different theories. The lecturer will provide additional theory units. The seminar aims to support a positive group atmosphere that allows to learn and to improve skills and knowledge about the theories and the English language.


Please note: This course is designed to improve your competences to communicate in English on a personal and a professional level. You should be able to speak and understand English on the level of good school knowledge (about six years of English), but this seminar will also be designed to refresh and improve your abilities. Most important for the success of this course would be, however, that you are interested in trying and practicing your communication skills actively without feeling anxious to make mistakes.

Working forms:

Workshop with group work and presentations, theory and practice units

Exams and grading:

Ungraded exam: Active participation in group work and one theory presentation

File: Course script short – Quality of life and well-being from a social sciences perspective (.pdf)

ECTS options for incoming students:

For incoming students there is the possibility to participate:
1. in all units and to receive 6 ECTS
2. in only the block units (2-5 March) and to receive 3 ECTS
3. in the block units plus to submit a written essay about one theory/approach of choice and to receive 6 ECTS (The essay needs to be delivered until April 27th, 6 weeks after the seminar in English language, expected length: 1 person: 5 pages, 2 persons: 8 pages, 3 persons 10 pages. This length has been shortened because of the obvious further demands to write in English)