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E3) AWO – Disability Services (living arrangements)

AWO Integra, Services for People with Disabilities (Kai Bruns) (Thursday, 23rd. 10:00-12:00)
AWO Integra (Worker’s Welfare), Services for People with Disabilities provides non-residential and residential home care settings as well as day centres for adults with disabilities.

The main focus of this excursion will be on the question how social work interventions can become part of designing living arrangements for the disabled and how day centres can be integrated in these activities.

We will visit a support service for adults with mental disabilities whom are living in own flats in the community. The service works with 13 adults that are accompanied by one team of social workers.

WO Integra gGmbH
Betreutes Wohnen g.B.
Haus Sedanstr.
Sedanstr. 81
28201 Bremen