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D2) Hans-Wendt-Stiftung – Additional Children Services

Hans-Wendt-Stiftung – Additional Education Services for Children (Katharina Blickle) (Wednesday, 22nd, 14:00-16:00)

The Hans-Wendt-Stiftung (Hans-Wendt Foundation) offer, amongst many other activities, Integrated Curative Pedagogy (IHTE – Integrierte Heilpädagogische Tageserziehung).

IHTE is a child and youth welfare program for children who are visiting a child day care service (after-school care club or full-day-school). It is directed to children that have a need for extra support in different areas of socialisation as well as their families. Support and education are provided in the fields of emotional, social, cognitive, motoric, and language and School related development.

IHTE Ganztags-Grundschule
Oslebshauser Heerstr. 115,
28239 Bremen