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E4) Martinsclub – Disability Services (community)

m|c Martinsclub – Services for young and adult people with disabilities (Benedikt Heche) (Thursday, 23rd, 10:00-12:00)

The Martinsclub is a bigger non-profit provider for the disability and inclusion services in Bremen.

Beyond a presentation of the general aims and activities of the m|c, we will especially refer to its understanding of the realisation of inclusion in our everyday work and offers.

The main focus of this excursion will be on the question how social work interventions can become part of integrating local neighbourhoods and community activities in services for the disabled and how both the target group and the communities can benefit from such approaches.

. Concrete thematic areas of the visit will be a neighbourhood based arts and culture initiative as well as the activities of the Martinsclub in the local neighbourhoods and communities and the organisation of the residential services.

Martinsclub Bremen e. V.
Buntentorsteinweg 24-26
28201 Bremen