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City of Bremen

Bremen – The Multifaceted City


Bremen, home to the world famous Town Musicians, puts itself on the map as the pulsating, multifaceted heart of North West Germany. A popular hive of heritage, science, high technology and space industry keeps up breathtakingly pacy innovations. The 1,200 year old Hanseatic city has a unique quality that ensures a metropolitan city experience like no other – from rejuvenated Schlachte Promenade on the River Weser and the full-sized Columbus Space Module of the International Space Station to world beating attractions like the Universum Science Center Bremen.

Famously historic city. 1,200 years have woven a rich tapestry of Hanseatic heritage and cosmopolitan culture in Bremen. Strife for independence left an indelible mark on the city. Today, Bremen and Bremerhaven are near neighbours banded together in a two-city state, which is Germany’s smallest Federal state from sixteen. The magnificent architecture that radiates from the distinct Weser Renaissance Rathaus and the graceful Roland statue in Market Square (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004), the city’s oldest living quarter at Schnoor, the exceptional structures in historic Böttcherstrasse and the imposing cathedral are etched in history. The delightful sculpture of the Bremen Town Musicians remains a defining monument for the Grimm Brothers’ celebrated fairy tale.

City of Inspiration. Whether it be the world famous Town Musicians live on stage, a stroll down the historic lanes of picturesque Schnoor Quarter, the sensation of astronauts in space, a sporting visit to the artists’ village of Worpswede or the pursuit of a culinary trail, river cruise or trip to Fishing Harbour Show Window in Bremen’s near neighbour Bremerhaven – you can fill your events in and around Bremen with so many inspired ideas that you will be spoilt for choice.

Welcome to Bremen, the city of the Town Musicians!

For more details please use the following link: http://www.bremen-tourismus.de/btz/english/bremen.cfm?m=0.02