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B3) Social work in schools

Holger Kühl (HS Bremen): Social work in schools – methods and approaches (Tuesday, 21st, 13:30-16:00)

Social work in schools has a longer history in Germany but also an inconsistent development. After the findings of the PISA studies, some weaknesses in the German education system have been identified and a bigger consequence was the establishment of new full-day schools and the involvement of more social workers in schools. There are two different funding sources: The system of child and youth services from outside the schools and the needs especially of the pupils inside the school. So we have two different approaches, social casework and socio-educational work. Looking inside the practice of social work in schools we recognize a confusing multiplicity of used methods. In this workshop we will search for a thematic framework for orientation. We will search for the conceptual basis of social work’s professional orientation in school. On this basis we then can decide about the implications for the methods we use in practical acting.