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B4) Social work and reflexivity

Roundtable talk: Social work and reflexivity; moderated by Prof. Dr. Christian Spatscheck (HS Bremen), Prof. Dr. Sara Asencaen Crabtree (Bournemouth University) and Prof. Dr. Jonathan Parker (Bournemouth University); inspired by: Dr. Elisa Matutini (University of Pisa – Faculty of Political Sciences): (Tuesday, 21st, 13:30-16:00)

The social worker needs skills related to reflexivity more than other professionals working in the social field (doctors, psychologists etc.). This professional has to permanently carry out reflecting activities along the work with the clients. This operation, however, implies a continuous ability to reflect on himself and on his role within the relationship with clients. The social worker also has to develop reflective skills to work as a manager of the complex network of activities performed by different professionals working around the client. Reflexivity is also fundamental to understand the more general social context in which all these people interact. The workshop will discuss the main methodological aspects related to the possibility of building reflexive skills. This should lead to a broader understanding what may be the most important difficulties social workers meet in the implementation of an reflexive approach to working in social services.